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Women and Hollywood’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, Fall 2017


From the Women and Hollywood website:

“Women and Hollywood is celebrating its tenth anniversary this fall and we want you to be there! Founder and Publisher Melissa Silverstein will be hosting three different events — one in New York, one in Los Angeles, and one in London — to honor a decade of educating, advocating, and agitating for greater gender diversity in film.”

On the website, you can request a save the date/invitation to your preferred location. The co-chairs of these anniversary events are: Jessica Chastain, Barbara Dobkin, Ava DuVernay, Regina K. Scully, and Lisa Garcia Quiroz.

About Women and Hollywood: Women and Hollywood has been educating, advocating and agitating for gender diversity in Hollywood and the global film industry since 2007. Join with us on this journey to equality in Hollywood.

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New WFPP Profiles & Overview Essays: Spring 2017


A roundup of profiles and overview essays added to WFPP in the last few months:

New Profiles (Spring 2017):

Rosa Porten. DEK

Rosa Porten (Germany)

Georgette Méliès (France)

Katri Viita (Finland)

Mary O’Connor (US/UK)

Mary Lawton Metcalfe (US)

Lucie Derain (France)

Isabel Acuña (The Philippines)

Greta Håkansson (Sweden)

Bianca Virginia Camagni (Italy)

Fan Xuepeng (China/Hong Kong)

The Picturegoer, March 1923. BDCM.

New Overview Essays (Winter/Spring 2017)

Newspaperwomen and the Movies in the USA, 1914-1925” by Richard Abel

All in the Family: The Thanhouser Studio” by Ned Thanhouser

Shaping the Craft of Screenwriting: Women Screen Writers in Silent Era Hollywood” by Donna Casella

 “Silent Era Fan Magazines and British Cinema Culture: Mediating Women’s Cinemagoing and Storytelling” by Lisa Stead


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Women and the Silent Screen IX, Shanghai, China, June 16-18, 2017


The Women and the Silent Screen film conference will be taking place from June 16-18, 2017 in Shanghai, China.

The theme of this conference, now in its 9th edition, is “Histories, Her-stories, and Methods.” The conference, which consists of panels and screenings, is sponsored by the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai Film Museum, and Contemporary Cinema Journal. It was co-organized by Shanghai Film Association, Shanghai Literature and Art Critic Association, Shanghai Film and Theatre Theory Researcher Association, and Shanghai Qin Yi Movie Museum of Art.

 Access the program here:  WSS.IX.Eng.Ch.program


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Film Festival: “Mostly Lost 6: A Film Identification Workshop,” June 15-17, 2017, Library of Congress (Packard Campus), Culpeper, Virginia


From the Mostly Lost event page:

The Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, Packard Campus presents “Mostly Lost 6: A Film Identification Workshop” on June 15-17, 2017 in Culpeper, Virginia. “Mostly Lost” will feature the screenings of unidentified, under-identified or misidentified silent and early sound films.

Early film experts and archivists are encouraged to attend, but the workshop is also open to anyone willing to actively help identify and research the films showcased at the workshop. In addition to films from the Library of Congress’s collections, “Mostly Lost” features material from other film archives around the world. Throughout the event there will also be presentations about The Destruction of Some American Silent Features, The Lost Origins of Silent Horror Icons, William Fox and the Fox Film Corporation, as well as others. Live musical accompaniment during the workshop and evening presentations of silent films will also be featured.

For more information, click here!

To read an excellent article on last year’s edition of “Mostly Lost,” check out Imogen Sara Smith’s piece for The Criterion Collection. 

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