Bibliographies – Citations referenced in profiles and more: published articles from fan magazines, trade press, newspapers, academic journals; edited collections and popular as well as academic books. Phase I. U.S. (with specialized African American) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru) Phase II. In progress – organized by world region.

Reference Works – Basic library reference works on silent cinema history organized by nation or world region.

Archival Film Print Collections – National affiliate members of FIAF (Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film) including  other local archives with 16mm and 35mm film print collections.  Abbreviations in Career Profile.

Archival Filmography: Extant Film Print Sources are linked to live links here!

Archival Paper Collections Complete list of archives, museums, libraries  used  where more materials can be found. Abbreviations in Career Profile.

Archival Paper Collections are listed by abbreviation at end of each profile with full names here.

DVD/VHS Distributors & Film Links – Partial list of titles available through commercial distributors & links to titles streamed  full length.

Image Attribution Key Corresponds with abbreviations on all image captions. Contact these archives, museums, libraries for use stipulations and rates. No abbreviation = available on internet. PC = private collection, name withheld.

Unhistoricized Women Film Pioneers – Names of pioneers yet to be researched, mostly U.S. They may have only have been actresses but we don’t know unless you volunteer to research—they may have also written and produced. See Guidelines for how to proceed.

Links to Silent Screen Organizations and Resources – Other organizations dedicated to silent cinema research and women’s film history + the best of online resources and silent cinema databases (available through libraries).