Editorial Team and Acknowledgments

Editorial Team

Founder: Jane Gaines

Project Manager: Kate Saccone

Current Research Assistants and Student Volunteers: Daniel Aufmann

Current Advisors, Consultants, and Editorial Contributors: Christine Gledhill (Independent Scholar), Megan Heatherly (Columbia University), Maggie Hennefeld (University of Minnesota), Aurore Spiers (University of Chicago).

WFPP is produced in partnership with Columbia University Libraries, with support from Columbia University, School of the Arts, Film Program



Founding Editors: Monica Dall’Asta and Radha Vatsal

Former Project Managers: Maria Fosheim Lund, Diana Wade, Katy Gray.

Contributing Collectors: Randy Bigham, Jessica Rosner, Joe Yranski.

Past and present advisors, consultants, developers, administrators, and editorial and/or archival contributors who helped WFPP launch and/or continue to help us expand:

Nicky Agate (Columbia University), Nancy Friedland (Columbia University), Hilary Hallett (Columbia University), Jackson Harvell, Kathryn Hearst (Sarah Lawrence College), Candice A. Kail (Columbia University), Rebecca Kennison, Richard Koszarski (Rutgers University), Sabine Lenk (Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg), Trish Loeffler, Ed Madrid (Columbia University), Sara Mason (Columbia University), Madeline Matz (Library of Congress), Mark Newton, Hank Okazaki (Duke University), Lisa Poteet (Duke University), Nona Russell, Paulina Suarez-Hesketh, Sandy Swanson (Duke University), Kim Tomodjoglou (Library of Congress), Mónica Villarroel (Cineteca Nacional de Chile), Melanie Wacker (Columbia University), Leyla Williams, Michelle E. Wilson (Columbia University), and Alex Wyles (Columbia University).

WFPP thanks the following individuals who have contributed their time and knowledge to this project while at the Radcliffe Institute, Stockholm University, Duke University, Columbia University, and more:

Tania Ahmadi, Maria Cristina Alemán, Neta Alexander, Niku Arbabi, Emily Bahr-De Stefano, Sonia Brand-Fisher, Sara Brodeur, Julie Buck, Yishui Chen, Yuan Chen, Ti-Kai Chang, Jessica Charle, Jianqing Chen, Phoebe Chen, Juliana Clark, Emily Damron, Augusta Forbes Faris Dayton, Sarah Dunn, Katy Fenn, Brinni Gentry, Hannah Greenberg, Bruno Guaraná, Alia Haddad, Jemma Hinkly, Matthew Hipps, Cameron Howard, Linnéa Hussein, Casiana Ionita, Nadia Ismail, Carolyn Condon Jacobs, Alex James, Song Jegal, Christana Jobe, Michelle Koerner, Monu Lahiri, Chi Li, Jia Jia Liu, Alessandra Luciano, Sonia Lupher, Manuchar Mamukishvili, Emma Meyers, China Medel, Denise Mok, Anne Knox Morton, Garineh Nazarian, Alexis Nelson, Kristin Nissen, Greta Nordio, José Miguel Palacios, Vika Paranyuk, Jennifer Parchesky, Insook Park, Alexeis Reyes, Mackenzie Roberts, Alejandra Rosenberg, Maya Rosmarin, Julia Rothkoff, Vera Salm, Rachel Schaff, Tarini Sridharan, Anna Takayama, Nazish Tazeem, Baruch Thaler, Diantha Vliet, Ryan Vu, Caroline Walsh, Mengqian Xie, Le Yin, Yolanda Zhang, and Xinyi Zhao.

The Women Film Pioneers Project expresses appreciation to the Schoff Fund at the University Seminars at Columbia University for their help in publication. Material in this work was presented to the University Seminars: Sites of Cinema.

Special thanks to The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Academy Film Scholars Program.

Motion Picture Magazine editorial staff, c. 1910s. Courtesy of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Margaret Herrick Library.