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New WFPP Profiles & Overview Essays: Spring 2017


A roundup of profiles and overview essays added to WFPP in the last few months:

New Profiles (Spring 2017):

Rosa Porten. DEK

Rosa Porten (Germany)

Georgette Méliès (France)

Katri Viita (Finland)

Mary O’Connor (US/UK)

Mary Lawton Metcalfe (US)

Lucie Derain (France)

Isabel Acuña (The Philippines)

Greta Håkansson (Sweden)

Bianca Virginia Camagni (Italy)

Fan Xuepeng (China/Hong Kong)

The Picturegoer, March 1923. BDCM.

New Overview Essays (Winter/Spring 2017)

Newspaperwomen and the Movies in the USA, 1914-1925” by Richard Abel

All in the Family: The Thanhouser Studio” by Ned Thanhouser

Shaping the Craft of Screenwriting: Women Screen Writers in Silent Era Hollywood” by Donna Casella

 “Silent Era Fan Magazines and British Cinema Culture: Mediating Women’s Cinemagoing and Storytelling” by Lisa Stead