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New WFPP Profiles: Summer 2017


A roundup of profiles added to WFPP over the summer:

 L’Ouïe, L’Odorat, Le Toucher, and La Vue, Christiane Mendelys (a/w/o) and Georges Wague. PC


Harriet Bloch (Denmark, Germany, Sweden) by Birgit Granhøj, Eva N. Redvall

Marvin Breckinridge (United States) by Charles Tepperman

Lydia Hayward (United Kingdom) by Christine Gledhill

Elizabeth McGaffey (United States) by Lisle Foote

Marvin Breckinridge at work, circa 1930. USW

Christiane Mendelys (France) by Annie Fee

Asta Nielsen (Denmark, Germany) by Julie Allen

Tazuko Sakane (Japan, China) by Xinyi Zhao

Eliane Tayar (France) by Laura Vichi

Helen Wang (China) by S. Louisa Wei