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Women Film Pioneers Project in the News!

We are thrilled with the fantastic responses to WFPP! Here are a just a few examples of recent press mentions:

WFPP in the News!

Photogénie: “More than Mary Pickford: Some Notes on the Labor of Women in Silent Cinema” (3/9/16)

The Guardian: “Leading Ladies: The Women Who Helped Build Hollywood” (3/7/16)

Women’s Film & Television History Network’s blog: “Women Film Pioneers Project” (10/16/15)

Canyon News: UCLA Hosts Dorothy Arzner Retrospective” (7/31/15)

China Women’s News: “发现与重述:那些曾创造世界电影传奇的女人 ” (5/19/15).

Sight & Sound: “The World of Silent Cinema” (Aug. 2014, Vol. 24 Issue 8).

Nonfics: “5 Women Documentary Pioneers You Should Know” (3/26/14).

The Bioscope blog: “O Pioneers!” (11/10/13).

Filmmaker Magazine: “Women Film Pioneers Project: Ready for More Than a Close-Up” (10/29/13).

No Film School blog: “New Resource Gives an Exhaustive History of Female Filmmakers During the Birth of Film” (10/20/13).

Indiewire: “5 Highlights from Women Film Pioneers Project: African-American Women in Silent Film, Women Camera Operators and More” (10/15/13).

Huffington Post: “5 Awesome Things We Learned About Female Pioneers In Film” (10/14/13).

New York Magazine: “Just Spend the Rest of Your Day Perusing These Biographies of Women in Early Film” (10/11/14).

Indiewire: “A New Online Compendium Provides Evidence of the Many Women Who Worked in Film in Its Silent Era” (10/10/13).

Film Studies for Free blog: “Women Film Pioneers Project at Columbia University” (10/10/13).

Pioneers in the News!

Photogénie: “More than Mary Pickford: Some Notes on the Labor of Women in Silent Cinema” (3/9/16) (discusses Mary Manning, Helen Gardner, and Nell Shipman)

Film Comment’s The Long Journey of Aloha Wanderwell” (11/3/15) [Note: A WFPP entry on Wanderwell is in progress].

Sight & Sound’s “Female Gaze” issue (October 2015) includes discussions on many pioneers. 

The Nation: “When Hollywood Wasn’t So Male” (2/11/2015) (mentions many pioneers, including Anita Loos, Frances Marion, Clara Beranger, June Mathis, Lenore Coffee, and Jeanie Macpherson)

Hell Bound Train (1929 – 1930) and Verdict Not Guilty (1930 – 1933),  both made by Eloyce Gist in collaboration with her husband, have recently been added to the Pioneers of African-American Cinema restoration project.

Sight & Sound: “The World of Silent Cinema” column in the April 2015 focuses on Russian pioneer Esfir Shub.