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New Profiles: Fall 2018



A round-up of our newest profiles: Fall 2018

 Francesca Bertini

 Kathleen Romoli

Travelogue filmmaker and anthropologist Kathleen Romoli (Colombia) by Isabel Arredondo

Director, producer, and screenwriter Louise Kolm-Fleck (Austria, Germany, China) by Claudia Walkensteiner-Preschl

Director, actress, producer, and screenwriter Francesca Bertini (Italy) by Monica Dall’Asta

Chief accountant, office manager, and production secretary Aili Kari (Finland) by Hannu Salmi

Producer, screenwriter, and editor Virgínia de Castro e Almeida (Portugal, France) by Tiago Baptista

Director, producer, screenwriter, actress, and camerawoman Angela Murray Gibson (United States) by Charles “Buckey” Grimm

Set designers and location scouts Frances Baker Farrell and Lettice Ramsey & actress/editor Máirín Hayes (Ireland) by Donna Casella

Publicist, trade journal editor and writer, and business owner Mabel Condon (United States) by Carolyn Jacobs

Director, actress, and film company founder Cleo de Verberena (Brazil) by Marcella Grecco de Araujo