Jane Loring

by Kristen Hatch

A Denver native, Loring edited movie trailers before becoming a film cutter for Paramount-Famous Players Lasky in 1927. She would remain with Paramount until the early 1930s, when she moved to RKO as an assistant director.

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The bibliography for this essay is included in the “Cutting Women: Margaret Booth and Hollywood’s Pioneering Female Film Editors” overview essay.


A. Archival Filmography: Extant Film Titles:

1. Jane Loring as Editor

Pointed Heels. Dir.: Edward Sutherland, sc.: Florence Ryerson, ed.: Jane Loring (Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. US 1929) cas.: William Powell, Fay Wray, Helen Kane, si&so, b&w, 7 reels; 5, 689 ft. Archive: UCLA Film & Television Archive.

The Saturday Night Kid. Dir.: Edward Sutherland, sc.: Ethel Doherty, ed.: Jane Loring (Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. US 1929) cas.: Clara Bow, James Hall, Jean Arthur, si&so, b&w. Archive: BFI National Archive.

B. Filmography: Non-Extant Film Titles:

1. Jane Loring as Editor

Avalanche, 1928; The Water Hole, 1928; Fast Company, 1929; Sunset Pass, 1929.


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