Viola Lawrence
Viola Mallory
Viola Lawrence is often credited as Hollywood’s first female film cutter.
DOB: 12/02/1894

Viola Lawrence

December 2, 1894 - November 20, 1973
Also Known As:
Viola Mallory
Worked as:
editor, film cutter
Worked In:
United States
by Kristen Hatch

Viola Lawrence is often credited as Hollywood’s first female film cutter. She began working in film at the age of twelve when she held title cards at the Vitagraph studio in Flatbush. Six years later, she edited her first film, a Vitagraph three-reeler, O’Henry (1912). In 1917, Lawrence moved to Hollywood, where she worked at Universal, First National, and Gloria Swanson Productions before arriving at Columbia Pictures, where in 1925 she became the supervising editor, and where she was still editing until the late 1950s.

 Erich von Stroheim and Viola Lawrence. Foolish Wives (1922). PCRK

Erich von Stroheim and Viola Lawrence (e/o). Foolish Wives (1922). PC

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A. Archival Filmography: Extant Film Titles:

1. Viola Lawrence/Viola Mallory as Editor

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B. Filmography: Not Extant Titles:

1. Viola Lawrence/Viola Mallory as Editor

Within the Law, 1917; An Alabaster Box, 1917; His Divorced Wife, 1919; Loot, 1919; Once to Every Woman, 1920; Fighting the Flames, 1925; The Devil Dancer, 1927; The Awakening, 1928; Two Lovers, 1928.


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