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Kansas Silent Film Festival, Topeka, Kansas, February 22-23, 2019


The 23rd annual Kansas Silent Film Festival (February 22-23, 2019) will take place this year at Washburn University, in Topeka, Kansas.

From the festival’s website:

“In thinking about what we wanted to do for our 23rd event it dawned on us that we talk a lot about what is lost—there is a pretty high percentage out there of silent films that are lost and gone forever. But what about the successes? What about the films that were thought lost but were found in foreign archives, with collectors, and in some really lucky cases, tucked in the hay in a barn. All the films showing this year were lost then found, or simply needed restoration to bring them back to life.”

Titles include Venus of the South Seas (1924), starring Annette Kellerman and Metropolis (1927), scripted by Thea Von Harbou.

Venus of the South Seas (1924) 

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