Flora Finch “Streamed Media” Continued

A collection of films featuring Flora Finch are streaming online via the EYE Filmmuseum.

Freckles (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

Suing Susan (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

Dr. Bridget (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

Bunny’s Suicide (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

The Hand Bag (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

Stenographer Wanted (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

A Vitagraph Romance (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

Diamond Cut Diamond (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

The Troublesome Stepdaughters (1912) (Dutch intertitles)

Stenographer Troubles (1913) (Dutch intertitles)

Those Troublesome Tresses (1913) (Dutch intertitles)

Father’s Hatband (1913) (Dutch intertitles)

The Classmate’s Frolic (1913 (Dutch intertitles)

Cutey and the Chorus Girls (1913) (Dutch intertitles)

The Pickpocket (1913) (Dutch intertitles)

Tangled Tangoists (1914) (Dutch intertitles)

Bunny in Disguise (1914) (Dutch intertitles)