Archival Paper Collections at BFI-SC: Lotte Reiniger

Full list of archival materials relating to Lotte Reiniger at the British Film Institute:

Collection: Cinema Ephemera 

Liverpool, Century Cinema, Mount Pleasant, Aschenputtel (1922), 1926 programme.

Forum, Villiers St, London, Der Kleine Schornsteinfeger (1935), undated programme.

Collection: Film Society 

Item 15 

Performance 16, Correspondence/publicity re screening of Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (1926), dated 8/5/1927.

Performance 74, Correspondence/publicity re screening of Das Rollende Rad (1934).

Performance 78, Correspondence/publicity re screening of Das Gestoheine Herz (1934) 

Performance 86, Correspondence/publicity re screening of Galathea (1935) 

Item 24d, Accounts: Profit and loss reports on Lotte Reiniger films 1927-1939

Item 31f, Correspondence with and regarding Lotte Reiniger 1930-1940.

Collection: Personality Ephemera 

Booklet, The Films of Lotte Reiniger, Primrose Productions ca. 1980.

Collection: Crown Film Unit 

CFU/7/1, Mary’s Birthday (1951), Release Script with Music Cue Sheet.

Collection: Basil Wright 

BCW/5/7/2, File marked, NFT Grierson Tribute containing letter of apology from Lotte Reiniger.

BCW/5/8/1, File marked, Marsden Film Productions, containing letters 1958-1961, including Carl Koch and Lotte Reiniger (regarding Granada animation projects, 1961). 

BCW/5/82, File marked Marsden–containing correspondence 1957-1962 with Carl Koch and Lotte Reiniger (Granada “Space series”).

BCW/5/8/4, Large bundle of loose correspondence ca. 1959-1975, relating to activities of Marsden Film Productions, and the projects of Carl Koch and Lotte Reiniger that were being overseen by Marsden (Coventry Theatre project and some animated film projects e.g. It’s A Myth).

BCW/5/8/5, File marked “Lotte Reiniger–Covenant” containing correspondence, ca. 1964-1975, relating to the arrangement BCW had over administration of an annuity paid to Lotte Reiniger; includes letters from Reiniger on handmade paper, with cut out silhouettes.

Collection: Production & Distribution Company Material 

GPO Films, Programme for Piccadilly Theatre dated 28/4/1938 including The Tocher (1937/1938).

Collection: Thorold Dickinson 

Box 25

1. 14 Mounted cut-out silhouettes including scenes from Twelfth Night; Don Juan; Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed (1926), signed by Lotte Reiniger.

2. Die Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed (1926)–Presentation folder of 32 illustrated plates from the film with the inscription ‘To Dear Joanna Dickinson From Lotte Reiniger” [nd].

3. Charcoal sketch of two girls dated 1930. 

4. Card with marks to show it may have had an item glued to it inscribed ‘To My Dear Friend Rollo–Lotte Reiniger Berlin 1931.” 

5. The King’s Breakfast (1937)–Directed by Lotte Reiniger. Correspondence between TD and Associated British Film Distributors 1938-1941 regarding distribution and revenue draft contract between TD and Associated Talking Pictures regarding rights to the film 22/9/1937; small pressbook for the film.

6. Postcard of Le Pavillon De L’Angleterre at the Paris Exposition Internationale 1937 from Lotte Reiniger to TD.

7. Dream Circus (unrealised film planned ca. 1939)–Typescript outline [nd]; correspondence between Lotte Reiniger/TD and A.C.O. dated 25/9/1936, and Marcel Frischman dated 26/9/1936 regarding production of the film.

8. Mounted cut-out silhouette (green on white – labelled “Gisele?”) signed by Lotte Reiniger [nd]

9. Article on Lotte Reiniger from ‘The Lady” dated 1/4/1937 

Box 26, Item 13

Programme for screening of international films at Crown Theatre, Warren St, London dated 27/7/1936 and inscribed “Invitation From Lotte Reiniger to Thorold Dickinson.” Programme includes L’Idee; La P’Tite Lilie (1927); Kaleidoscope (1935); Une Nuit Sur Le Mont Chauve (1933); Galathea (1935); Die Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed (1926); Papageno  (1935).

Lotte Reiniger Collection 

1 archive box – contents not catalogued 

Unpublished Scripts 

Rubezahls Hochzeit (1916) – NFT English Commentary 

Lion’s Den (1928) – Dialogue Script (S20289)

Little Chimney Sweep (1935) – Dialogue Script (S20285) 

Aladdin (1953) – Dialogue Script (S20278) 

Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) – NFT English Intertitles (produced 1999) (S19382) 

Cinderella (1952) – Dialogue Script (S20279) 

Gallant Little Tailor (1953) – Dialogue Script (S20280) 

Puss in Boots (1953) – Dialogue Script (S20286) 

Three Wishes (1953) – Dialogue Script (S20287) 

Frog Prince (1954) – Dialogue Script (S20281) 

Grasshopper and the Ant (1953) – Dialogue Script (S20282) 

Hansel & Gretel (1955) – Dialogue Script (S20283) 

Thumbelina (1955) – Dialogue Script (S20288) 

Press Books 

Die Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed (1926) 

The King’s Breakfast (1937) 

La Marseillaise Chronique de Quelques Faits Ayant Contribué à La Chute de La Monarchie (1937) 

La Tosca (1941) 

The Star of Bethlehem (1956) 


10 portfolios of cut-out silhouettes, for her silhouette films, representing the following films: 

Der Kleine Schornsteinfeger [The Little Chimney Sweep] (1935) 

The King’s Breakfast (1937) 

The Grasshopper and the Ant (1953) 

Snow White and Rose Red (1953)

The Magic Horse (1953) 

The Three Wishes (1953) 

Caliph Stork (1954) 

The Gallant Little Tailor (1954) 

Sleeping Beauty (1954) 

Jack and the Beanstalk (1955) 

Thumbelina (1955) 

Hansel and Gretel (1955) 

Star of Bethlehem (1956) 

The Frog Prince (1961) 

Cinderella (1963) 


Die Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed (1926) 

Harlekin (1931) 

Galathea (1935) 

The Magic Flute (1935) 

La Marseillaise Chronique de Quelques Faits Ayant Contribué à La Chute de La Monarchie (1937) Credit: Shadow Theatre – Lotte Reiniger 

The Tocher: A film ballet by Lotte Reiniger (1937/1938) 

The H.P.O (1938) 

Three Wishes (1953) 

Sleeping Beauty (1954) 

Puss in Boots (1954) 

Hansel & Gretel (1955) 

Thumbelina (1955) 

Jack & the Beanstalk (1955) 

Frog Prince (1961)