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The Fall 2023 issue of Feminist Media Histories is now out!

From the editor’s introdution:

“This issue of Feminist Media Histories is the result of an experiment. On one hand, it is the first open topic issue in the journal’s history, an experiment undertaken to see what voices, perspectives and projects might emerge without a guiding theme. […] But there is another experiment at work in these pages, conducted to explore the potential of videographic criticism for feminist media historiographies and to announce the inclusion of audiovisual essays in the pages of this journal. Because this mode of critical expression is relatively new, and because efforts to coordinate feminist, queer, decolonial and antiracist videographic work has been sporadic at best, it makes sense to offer an overview of the concepts and materials at stake as a means of introducing this issue.”

Access Fall 2023 issue of Feminist Media Histories here (will require institutional subscription).