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CFP: Women who write our worlds: Shaping Global Screen Culture

Call for Proposals: Women who write our worlds: Shaping Global Screen Culture, an edited volume.
Deadline: July 30, 2022

Women who write our worlds tells global stories about women screenwriters and creators from diverse cultures whose screen stories have created positive change in their communities.

Organised around geographical regions, Women who write our worlds is international in scope. Each of our chapters will focus on a specific female screenwriter and a specific project/s originated by her. Since the personal is always political (and vice versa) stories should place the woman within her own personal as well as professional, cultural context, and may show how these different aspects of her life interacted with and enriched the screen work. The chapters will cover regions throughout the world, showing that from the largest continents to the smallest island communities women’s voices have been raised to challenge injustice and create a fairer, more humane world. We seek to nurture an understanding of screen stories as each arises from within its own cultural context. For this reason, we deliberately seek to privilege contributors who come from the culture within which the project had its impact.

The full call can be found here: https://www.intellectbooks.com/asset/1601/call-for-chapter-proposals-women-who-write-our-worlds.1.pdf.