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The 16th International Domitor Conference Moves Online This November!

2020 Paris Conference (online), “Crafts, Trades, and Techniques of Early Cinema”

“In November 2020, almost 125 years after the Lumière brothers projected their first motion picture at the Grand Café in Paris (December 28, 1895), Domitor will launch its first virtual conference. The conference will feature approximately 50 Domitor member participants. It will begin with two weeks of recorded presentations and screening events in conjunction with our archive partners, Cinémathèque française and Fondation Jérôme-Seydoux Pathé, and will culminate with a series of live discussions, Nov. 17-20.”

“All pre-recorded presentations will be made available via our conference website as of Monday, November 2, so that you can watch them at your leisure. Live Discussions will take place Tuesday-Friday, November 17-20. The conference will include presentations by over 40 speakers from 13 countries, and 4 days of 2 to 3 hour live sessions, across 6+ time zones. It also will include two weeks of archival screenings and attractions (November 4-18) from our partners at Cinémathèque Française and Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé.”