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Book Publication: She Animates: Soviet Female Subjectivity in Russian Animation by Michele Leigh and Lora Mjolsness

She Animates examines the work of twelve female animation directors in the Soviet Union and Russia, who have long been overlooked by film scholars and historians. The authors approach examines these directors within history, culture, and industrial practice in animation. In addition to making a case for including these women and their work in the annals of film and animation history, this volume also makes an argument for why their work should be considered part of the tradition of women’s cinema. Leigh and Mjolsness offer textual analysis that focuses on the changing attitudes towards both the woman question and feminism by examining the films in light of the emergence and evolution of a Soviet female subjectivity that still informs women’s cinema in Russia today.”

Chapters include:

1. Women’s Cinema and the Russian and Soviet Animation Industry
2. In the Beginning: The First Wave of Soviet Women Animators
3. Female Creativity in the Wake of Censorship, Consolidation, and Disney

and more!

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