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Two-Disc DVD Set Release: The Alice Howell Collection, March 5, 2019


The Alice Howell Collection comes out March 5, 2019! With new musical scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

From the press release:

“ALICE HOWELL, FORGOTTEN FUNNY LADY OF THE SILENT SCREEN, FEATURED IN NEW TWO-DISC DVD SET OF  REDISCOVERED AND NEWLY RESTORED COMEDY SHORTS. Undercrank Productions Teams with Library of Congress  To Bring Star Comedienne and Films Back From Obscurity To The Public for Women’s History Month.”

The set will contain: 

Disc One: Shot in the Excitement (1914), Father Was a Loafer (1915), Under New Management (1915), How Stars Are Made (1916), Neptune’s Naughty Daughter (1917), In Dutch (1918).

Disc Two: Distilled Love (1920), His Wooden Leg-acy (1920), Her Lucky Day (1920), Cinderella Cinders (1920), A Convict’s Happy Bride (1920), Under A Spell (1925).

The Alice Howell Collection is curated by Steve Massa and Ben Model, produced for video by Ben Model, and released by Undercrank Productions.

For more information and to purchase a copy, click here.