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Toronto Silent Film Festival, April 5-8, 2019


The Toronto Silent Film Festival will take place this year from April 5-8, 2019, at the Fox Theatre! 

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the Toronto Silent Film Festival, and titles this year include Shiraz: A Romance of India (1928), The Temptress (1926), and the Canadian restoration premiere of  Skinners Dress Suit (1926). 

For the full program, click here.

Shiraz: A Romance of India (1928)

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Film News: Entire Danish silent film heritage to be digitized!


The Danish Film Institute announced in December 2018 that their entire Danish silent film heritage will now be digitized and disseminated!

Asta Nielsen and Poul Reumert performing in Afgruden (1910). DKK

“One of the most important chapters in Danish film history will now become available thanks to a donation of DKK 30 million from the A.P. Møller Foundation, the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation.

From around 1910, the Danish film industry was a world leader, both commercially and artistically, with Nordisk Films Kompagni (now Nordisk Film) at the forefront. Stars like Asta Nielsen, Valdemar Psilander and Fy & Bi were famous way beyond their home country, and Denmark’s greatest film director, Carl Th. Dreyer, was prolific during this period as well. When sound films gained ground in the early 1930s, production companies scrapped their inventories of silent films. Only an estimated 20% of the Danish silent film production exists today.”

For more information, visit the DFI’s website.


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Hippodrome Silent Film Festival, Bo’ness, Scotland, March 20-24, 2019


Scotland’s first and only silent film festival, HippFest, is back from March 20-24, 2019!

 The Blot (1921)

Events include a screening of The Blot (Lois Weber, 1921) introduced by Pamela Hutchinson and an illustrated talk by WFPP contributor Lawrence Napper on the changing role of women in the workplace in relation to the silent film Hindle Wakes (1927)

For the full schedule, click here.

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Two-Disc DVD Set Release: The Alice Howell Collection, March 5, 2019


The Alice Howell Collection comes out March 5, 2019! With new musical scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

From the press release:

“ALICE HOWELL, FORGOTTEN FUNNY LADY OF THE SILENT SCREEN, FEATURED IN NEW TWO-DISC DVD SET OF  REDISCOVERED AND NEWLY RESTORED COMEDY SHORTS. Undercrank Productions Teams with Library of Congress  To Bring Star Comedienne and Films Back From Obscurity To The Public for Women’s History Month.”

The set will contain: 

Disc One: Shot in the Excitement (1914), Father Was a Loafer (1915), Under New Management (1915), How Stars Are Made (1916), Neptune’s Naughty Daughter (1917), In Dutch (1918).

Disc Two: Distilled Love (1920), His Wooden Leg-acy (1920), Her Lucky Day (1920), Cinderella Cinders (1920), A Convict’s Happy Bride (1920), Under A Spell (1925).

The Alice Howell Collection is curated by Steve Massa and Ben Model, produced for video by Ben Model, and released by Undercrank Productions.

For more information and to purchase a copy, click here.


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