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The Fall 2017 issue of Feminist Media Histories is now live!


The Fall 2017 issue of Feminist Media Histories is now live! Guest edited by WFPP contributor Mark Lynn Anderson, this edition of the feminist journal is a special issue on Betterment.

From Anderson’s introduction: “In the 1910s it was practically unthinkable to hold a hearing on a pressing social problem, form a commission addressing inequities or corruption, or found an institute dedicated to reform without seeking the valued testimony, perspectives, and participation of women as women. Yet by 1930, this expansive politics of inclusion was all but forgotten, replaced in historical memory by grotesque caricatures of matronly reformers, those meddling Mrs. Grundys who had been (and continued to be) perpetuated in the social imaginary…Scholarly film history has often assumed or confirmed this popular trope about women’s rather uncomplicated and uniform relation to uplift in the silent era…Instead, the essays gathered here ask us to form a more hesitant, a more considered, and a more complicated appreciation of women’s participation in early cinema as a means of social progress. “

The issue includes articles by Constance Balides, Jennifer Horne, Christina Lane, Luciana Corrêa de Araújo, and  Sumiko Higashi.

For more information and to view the issue, visit the Feminist Media Histories website.