Month: January 2017

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New York Feminist Film Week, Anthology Film Archives, March 7-12, 2017


“The co-founders of WOMAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA (, a global platform committed to increasing the visibility of trans/cis women and all genderqueer/trans people, present the first NEW YORK FEMINIST FILM WEEK. Taking intersectional and transnational feminist approaches to interrogating cultural constructions of gender, sex, race, and class, our program aims to foster critical dialogue among filmmakers and the general public. Organized around the theme of feminist film genealogies, the program asks the following questions: What might a genealogy of feminist film look like in its politics and aesthetics? Does the practice of feminist filmmaking produce particular forms of knowledge? How does feminist filmmaking work to unsettle Islamophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, and stigmas around sexuality, illness, and dis/ability?”

For more information on the series, including showtimes and film blurbs, click here!

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“Women Who Run Hollywood Screening & Panel,” Athena Film Festival, February 11, 2017


On February 11, the Athena Film Festival (Barnard College, Feb. 9-12, 2017) is screening the documentary Women Who Run Hollywood (dir. Julia and Clara Kuperberg, 2017), which focuses on early female film pioneers. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic of early female filmmakers and their invisibility in film history.

For more information, see the Athena Film Festival’s website.

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