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Restoration: Two films by Lois Weber coming this fall!

Milestone just announced that they are releasing new restorations of two films by Lois Weber “on the occasion of their 100th anniversary!”

The Dumb Girl of Portici (1916) and Shoes (1916) “will be premiering around the country starting November 13.”

 Announcement excerpt:

“Milestone is thrilled to be presenting on DCP and other digital formats brand new restorations of two silent film masterpieces — perfect for special events at your theater. Shoes and The Dumb Girl of Portici will be premiering around the country starting November 13, as we anticipate great national press for these important films.

Lois Weber, at the height of her career, wrote and directed ten feature films in the year 1916 — including the astonishing Shoes and The Dumb Girl of Portici. To celebrate their centennial, Milestone is working with the Netherland’s EYE Filmmuseum (Shoes) and the Library of Congress (The Dumb Girl of Portici) to bring out these gorgeous restorations, featuring brilliant scores by acclaimed composers Donald Sosin and Jonathan Sweeney.”

For more information, click here.