Women’s Production and Preproduction Companies

Women’s Production and Preproduction Companies

Anita Stewart Productions — 1918–1922,  with Louis B. Mayer (producer)

Beatriz Michelena Features — 1917–1919, with George Middleton (director/producer)

Bessie Barriscale Feature Company — 1917, with Howard Hickman (actor/director)

B.B. Features — 1918–1920, Bessie Barriscale with Howard Hickman

Blaney-Spooner Feature Film Company — 1913, Cecil Spooner with Charles E. Blaney (producer)

Clara Kimball Young Film Corporation — 1916–1917, with Lewis J. Selznick (producer)

C.K.Y. Film Corporation — 1917–1919, Clara Kimball Young with Adolph Zukor (producer)

Equity Pictures Corporation — 1919-1924, Clara Kimball Young with Harry Garson (director)

Constance Talmadge Film Company — 1917, with Joseph M. Schneck (producer)

Eleanor Gates Photoplay Company — 1914 (announced)

Eve Unsell Photoplay Staff, Inc. — 1921

Fanchon Royer Productions — 1928

Fay Tincher Productions — 1918–1919

Flora Finch Company — 1916-1917

Flora Finch Film Frolics Pictures Corporation — 1920

Florence Turner Productions, Ltd. — 1913–1916, with Larry Trimball (actor-director)

Frieder Film Corporation — 1917,  Lule Warrenton

Gem Motion Picture Company — 1911, Marion Leonard with Stanner E. V. Taylor (writer-director)

Monopol Film Company – 1912, Marion Leonard with Stanner E. V. Taylor (writer-director)

Mar-Leon Company — 1913, Marion Leonard with E. V. Stanner E.V. Taylor (writer-director)

Gene Gauntier Feature Players — 1912–1915, with Sydney Olcott (director) and Jack Clark (actor) (1915)

Olcott-Gauntier Unit — Kalem Co. — 1910–12, Gene Gauntier with Sydney Olcott (actor-director)

Gloria Swanson Productions — 1926–1928

Gloria Films — 1928, Gloria Swanson and Joseph P. Kennedy (producer)

Grace Davison Productions — 1918

Grace S. Haskins — 1923

Smallwood Film Corporation – 1913, Ethel Grandin with Ray C. Smallwood (director), Arthur Smallwood (brother)

Grandin Films — 1913–1915, Ethel Grandin with Raymond C. Smallwood (director)

Helen Gardner Picture Players — 1912–1914, with Charles L. Gaskill (director)

Helen Gardner Picture Players — 1918

Helen Gibson Productions — 1920

Helen Holmes Production Corporation — 1919

Signal Film Corporation — 1915, Helen Holmes with J. P. McGowan (producer)

S.L.K. Serial Corporation — 1919, Helen Holmes with J. P. McGowan (producer)

Helen Keller Film Corporation — 1919

Ida May Park Productions — 1920, with Joseph DeGrasse (director)

Leah Baird Productions, Inc. — 1921–1927, with Arthur Beck (writer)

Liberty Feature Film Company — 1915,  Sallie Lindblom

Lois Weber Productions — 1917–1921, with Phillips Smalley (actor-director)

Rex — 1912–1914, Lois Weber with Phillips Smalley

Louise Lovely Productions — 1917

Lowell Film Productions — 1925, Lillian Case Russell with John Lowell [John L. Russell] (writer)

Mabel Normand Feature Film Company — 1916, with Mack Sennett (producer)

Madeline Brandeis Productions — 1924–1929

Mandarin Film Company — 1917, Marion E. Wong

Marie Dressler Motion Picture Corporation — 1916–1917, with Jim Dalton

Marion Davies Film Corporation — 1918–1920

Cosmopolitan Productions — 1918-1923, Marion Davies with William Randolph Hearst

Margery Wilson Productions — 1921

Marion Fairfax Productions — 1921–1922

Mary Miles Minter — 1928 (announced)

Micheaux Film Company — Alice B. Russell (actress) with Oscar Micheaux (director)

Model Comedy Company — 1918–1919, Gale Henry with Bruno J. Becker (director)

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew Comedies — 1917–1919, with Sidney Drew (actor)

Mrs. Sidney Drew Comedies — 1920

Mrs. Wallace Reid Productions — 1924–1929

Nazimova Productions — 1917–1922, Alla Nazimova

Nell Shipman Productions, Inc. — 1921–1925, with Bert Van Tuyle (director)

Norma Talmadge Film Company — 1917, with Joseph M. Schneck (producer)

Pacific Motion Picture Company — 1914, Josephine Rector with Hal Angus (actor)

Petrova Pictures Corporation — 1917, Olga Petrova

Pickford Film Corporation —1916–1919, Mary Pickford

United Artists — est. 1919, Mary Pickford with Charles Chaplin, D. W. Griffith, and Douglas Fairbanks

Ruth Roland Serials, Inc. — 1919

Solax Company — 1910–1922, Alice Guy Blaché (writer-director) with Herbert Blaché (director)

Blaché American Features —1913, Alice Guy Blaché with Herbert Blaché (director)

Texas Guinan Productions — 1920–1921

Tiffany Productions — 1921–1924, Mae Murray with Robert Z. Leonard (director)

Trimball-Murfin Productions — 1922, Jane Murfin and Larry Trimball

Unique Film Company — 1915, Mrs. M. Webb (writer) with Miles M. Webb (producer)

Valda Valkyrien Production Company (announced)

Vera McCord Productions — 1921

Victor Films — 1912–1914, Florence Lawrence with Harry Solter (actor)

Touissant Motion Picture Exchange —Madame E. Touissant Welcome with E. Touissant Welcome (co-producers)

The Western Film Producing Company and Booking Exchange—Maria P. Williams (writer-producer – Jesse L. Williams (producer)


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